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C.K. Collins, aka Kelly, has written a book, The Swipe Right Effect: The Power to Get Unstuck, about her five-year journey back to empowerment, joy, happiness and love after a traumatic divorce from her 31-year marriage. She unfolds her ongoing journey to wholeness through storytelling and shares the lessons she learned from her friends all over the world.


In gratitude and recognition of the gifts of love she has received and believing that travel feeds the soul and grows the heart and mind, Kelly embarked on a two-year travel sabbatical which so far has included trips to Utah, Grand Canyon in Arizona, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Portugal, Spain, Italy and a 30-day sailing rally from Los Angeles to La Paz, Mexico. 


She originally hails from Tennessee where she was an award-winning news publisher and owner of her own hyperlocal news company. She left the news business in 2021 after selling her company. 

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