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C.K. Collins

"It's not where you go, it's what you learn along the way."

C.K. Collins, aka Kelly, weaves tales of personal and professional breakthrough from her business successes to her courageous solo voyages. Kelly was an award-winning entrepreneurial news publisher who sold her hyperlocal news publishing company to take a two year travel sabbatical. 

Believing that travel feeds the soul and grows the heart and mind, Kelly embarked on a two-year journey which ended with her writing her first book. Her travels included destinations such as Utah, Grand Canyon, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Portugese Camino, Spanish Camino de Santiago, Italy, New England and a 30-day sailing rally from Los Angeles to La Paz, Mexico. 

BUT, it’s not where she went that matters, it’s what she learned and what she shares with your audience.


C.K. “Kelly” Collins is an intelligent, earnest and skilled presenter. Kelly’s ability to show compassion for others and her own deep courage to be vulnerable is a super power that she has harnessed to help other women rise above life’s inevitable challenges to forge a brighter path forward.


~Michele Gallagher, City-by-the-Sea Communications

Author.  Publisher. 
Speaker.  Podcaster.

World Traveler. Coach.

Mentor.  Retreat Leader.

As a former news publisher, Kelly offers a unique perspective in presentations. Kelly won’t “bury the lead” for your audience - getting right to the heart of the matter in a direct yet vulnerable style.


Kelly is available to lead retreats, guest on a podcast, teach for your webinars or emcee an event. As an author and podcaster herself, she loves to curate interviews on a variety of topics.



Breakout Sessions

Kelly will present Empowerment Practices from her book and workbook for experiential breakthrough. These are proven techniques used in her coaching and retreat practice.

and Panel Host

Because of her news publishing background, Kelly is a pro at journalist-style individual stage or online interviews and can curate a lively discussion for panel interviews

Breakthrough Webinars

Kelly delivers solutions-oriented online courses curated for your audience including courses on visioning, branding, cultivating culture, defining life purpose and more.

Transformation Retreats

Kelly can utilize her existing 3-Day Weekend Retreat curriculum for your team or audience or she can work with you to develop customized curriculum

Speaking Topics

1/ Swiping Right for Yourself

5 Things to do so you move forward after big life change. Swipe Right and choose you.!

2 / To Quit is To Be Set Free

Identify and quit the negative triggers to find your joy and live a life of fulfillment

3 / Cultivate a Supportive Sisterhood

How to surround yourself with the right people and navigate challenges together

4/ Choose to Be Happy

Three steps you can take to forgive and be happy - even if you really don't want to

5/ How Travel Can Help You Heal

How solo travel helps grow your mind, expand your heart and feed your soul leading to peace and joy

Spotify Playlist of C.K. Collins Podcast Guest Spots 

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