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What will I learn from the scorecard?

When stuck in the day to day of life - even a great life - you don't always lift your eyes to what the world could be. You are so busy doing life that you forget to dream. These questions help you recognize where you might be falling short on self care routines.

Are you taking care of your heart, mind and soul?


Have you lost your momentum?

I'm Kelly. I'm a midlife renewal coach and I'm passionate about getting you back to a fulfilling life. When we work together, your new narrative will be how you..


Reconnect with your purpose.


Feel seen, heard & understood.


Live life intentionally and fully.


Learn how to dream again.

Anna, RI

Kelly has given me the tools to see, IN ME, what I deserve, what my worth is, allowing me to shed old beliefs that have kept me stuck in time, unable to grow into the person I am meant to be.

Tari, TN

Figure out a way to do it. Give yourself the gift of time, of friendship, of connection. It can change your life in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. We’ve got some momentum going. We really do."

Jenny, MS

The Momentum Effect program genuinely (if you allow YOURSELF to) becomes a part of who you yearn to be. A better understood and cared for person that matters!

About the Author

Hey there! Thanks for showing up for yourself today. I’m Kelly, pen name C.K. Collins, and I’m the author of The Swipe Right Effect: The Power to Get Unstuck, a book about 10 women’s journeys to self care.


These checklist questions are simple and quick. All you have to do is answer yes or no. You are here looking for insight into whether your life is thriving or stuck and these questions reflect how a healthy woman is spending her time, energy and resources.


Go ahead and knock out the checklist quickly cause it always feels good to get ‘er done!

I work with women who are in transition and looking for transformation. That starts with self care. My book is about choosing yourself and my programs help women learn to do just that. You deserve it!


I hope you found this checklist helpful for determining if you are providing yourself with enough self care. I'd love to hear about it! Share with me your results via the contact details below. I also offer a quiz that provides deeper insight.

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