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It's time for a change!

Habits are a powerful way to create positive change in your life.

The challenge is adding new habits and breaking bad habits.


You can stack the deck in your favor.  More precisely, you can structure yourself for success by stacking habits, or habit stacking.  Habit stacking is simply linking together a chain of small actions into a routine, where the sum of the whole is more than the parts.


A study from the European Journal of Social Psychology found an average of 66 days was required to form a habit, with a range between 18 and 254 days. Notably, these researchers found that skipping the behavior once didn't have a big impact on habit formation if participants picked things up afterward.


The 21/90 rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change.

Yoga Friends

This is about you!

  • Throughout the program, I'll provide you with guidance, support, and accountability as you navigate your revolutionary journey.

  • I'll encourage you to celebrate successes, learn from setbacks, and stay committed to their goals beyond the program duration.

  • Together, we are fostering a sense of community within the small groups.

  • As women, we are truly capable of supporting each other through encouragement, motivation and respect.

  • And most importantly, we'll have FUN while doing it all!

Month 1

Week 1


Goal Setting for

Body and Mind

  • Introduction to the program and its core concept: Habit Stacking for Momentum Revolution.

  • Explanation of the significance of habits in transforming life positively.

  • Review of tracking tools to monitor progress and habits effectively.

  • Setting body goals - focusing on physical health, exercise, nutrition, etc.

  • Setting mind goals - emphasizing mental well-being, mindfulness, personal growth, etc.

Week 2

Goal Setting:

Family, Faith, Career

  • Setting family goals - fostering relationships, communication, quality time, etc.

  • Setting faith/spirituality goals - exploring personal beliefs, practices, connection to something greater than oneself.

  • Setting career goals - professional development, advancement, work-life balance, etc.

Week 3

Morning Routine Building - Small Tasks

  • Introduction to morning routines and their impact on setting the tone for the day.

  • Implementing small changes in the morning routine, such as waking up earlier, hydrating, meditation, exercise, etc.

Month 2

Week 4

Afternoon Routine Building - Small Tasks

  • Understanding the importance of maintaining momentum throughout the day.

  • Incorporating small changes into the afternoon routine, like healthy eating habits, short breaks for relaxation, time management techniques, etc.

Week 5

Evening Routine Building - Small Tasks

  • Recognizing the significance of winding down and preparing for restful sleep.

  • Implementing small changes in the evening routine, such as unplugging from screens, relaxation techniques, reflection or journaling, etc.

Week 6

Building on Routines - Bigger Changes with What Works

  • Reflecting on progress made so far and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Introducing bigger changes to existing routines, based on individual goals and aspirations.

Month Three

Week 7

Redesign What's Not Working

  • Assessing what aspects of the routines are not yielding desired results.

  • Collaboratively redesigning routines to address challenges and obstacles effectively.

Week 8

Soul Transformation

  • Shifting focus towards inner transformation and deeper fulfillment.

  • Exploring practices for spiritual and emotional growth, self-awareness, gratitude, etc.

  • Consolidating habits and reflecting on the journey of personal transformation.

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