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Are you yearning for more?
Follow that feeling

Are you a successful woman seeking to unlock your deeper life purpose, envision your legacy, nurture meaningful relationships, and make a positive impact on your community?

These yearnings are not an indication of flaws or some type of lack. Instead, they are a sacred sign that you are meant for more and should follow where they lead.

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You have so much more to offer. You sense it.

You may have known it for a long time.

It's a truth that lingers, waiting patiently for us to pay attention to it. It's a soul sense, and when your soul senses such a thing,

it should never be ignored.


- Holy Moments, Matthew Kelly

Image by Briana Tozour

At MOMENTUM, we believe in the synergy that arises when women come together to network, learn, share their purpose in life both inside and outside their careers. Momentum goes beyond traditional networking platforms by fostering spiritual wisdom, vision, and mission among our community members.


Curated masterclass speakers join us each month, providing invaluable guidance on developing a new vision for your family legacy, maximizing your impact on the community, and defining your life purpose. Our collective wisdom and experience create a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth.

In addition to the masterclass each month, we meet in a mastermind-type setting. The sharing and supporting circle lifts up each member to their highest potential


Get started by booking a breakthrough call today. Applications are done through a one on one interview with Kelly.


Curated masterclass speakers join us each month, providing invaluable guidance on developing a new vision for your family legacy, maximizing your impact on the community, and defining your life purpose.


In the mastermind sessions, you and your cohort will share your dreams and ambitions and support each other through the process of developing your new life. Using the forum method, we'll lift each other uplevel all of our lives.


Once the six month program is complete, the cohort works with the next circle to provide valuable and supportive mentorship. These relationships will enrich every woman's life and become a legacy to the women of the future.

Female Friends

How It Works

We'll gather groups of 10-12 women and meet twice monthly for 6 months. Each month we'll have a curated masterclass and a follow up mastermind.

After six months of gathering and learning from each other, the first circle of women, known as the WISEST circle, embark on a mentoring journey with the WISER circle, comprised of women in their forties. This structured six-month commitment includes visioning, life purpose development, and goal setting.

How Mentors and Mentees Work?

As we lift up the women of the following generation, we are creating a legacy for the women of the future. The mentors and mentees will meet one time per month in between the masterclass and mastermind. They can choose to meet more often and can choose to continue working together beyond the initial period.

To get started, book a discovery call now!

Curriculum and Retreat



The founding circle will begin work in September on the life purpose staement. We have a four step process that walks you through discovering at the deepest level what is important to you. Why is this important? Because when you are fulfilling your life purpose, you are firing on all cylinders. Your world is experienced at a higher frequency and your happiness meter is at full tilt.  Defining your purpose is the first step to gain momentum.



At a retreat Oct. 5-8, the founding circle will come together at a gorgeous Newport, Rhode Island estate at Norman Bird Sanctuary with 8 miles of trails and a quick walk to the beach. This is the perfect place to envision your legacy.
We will work with an expert on visioning at the deeper soul level and reveal your dreams of the future.



Now that you have a defined life purpose and a vision outlined, we will dive into what defines your wealth mindset.  What makes you feel rich in life? Love, money, leadership? Or is it friendships, family, and success? Understanding what brings you to a place of feeling accomplished and accepted will take you to a new level of contentment as well as define what more you want financially, emotionally and in your relationships.



How do you want to see yourself in this world you are visioning? People remember your actions and your presence more than your words. Do you live a life filled with gratitude and generosity? You will be remembered when you share your time, talents and wisdom. These acts of paying it forward with gratitude impact lives far beyond your own. We will look at how we can develop and live in a deep state of gratitude.



Now that we have made an incredible amount of progress, it's time to look at our current lives and see what is not serving us any longer. Do you have personal limiting beliefs? Do you have a relationship that is unhealthy for you? Can you deepen a relationship that matters to you by letting go of past anger or resentment?



How do you want to pay forward all that you amassed in wisdom, lessons, love and wealth? This will be your legacy.  Everything you have learned has been passed down in some way from another source whether that be through a book, a person, or an experience. 
You can't take your lessons of life with you into another world. Sharing your wealth of wisdom is the only way another can learn and have a more fulfilling life. You learned from others and you can share that with those to come.
It is a great inheritance, maybe the greatest, to share your time, gifts and caring.

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