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Feeling stuck?


So was C.K. Collins, aka Kelly. 


After experiencing a significant loss of her own over five years ago, Kelly was searching for her new life, her new joy and a new love. She chose to do the hard work to heal and found a new path to empowerment. She chose to swipe right for herself (and she did some dating too).


The Swipe Right Effect was born out of gratitude for all the support and wisdom shared with Kelly in her own recovery from divorce. She shares stories from her personal journey and, importantly, she also interviews ten special friends who shared their hearts and time. 


Collectively, they hope to give the reader ideas for a way back to their own happiness. Kelly describes this book as the moon reflecting the love light of others.


The interviews include stories of pain and renewal from many forms of loss. Their unifying hope is that in reading their stories, you will find your way, your power, and your joy.


Each chapter also contains an Empowerment Practice tied to the story so that the reader can work through challenges in their own lives.

The Swipe Right Effect

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