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Within my first book, The Swipe Right Effect, my interviewees and I mention many books, videos and other products. If you wish to follow up and look at these references, please visit your local book store. I believe it is highly important to support local booksellers!

Currently, you can find the book online at:



After the list of books, you will find other items mentioned or referred to in the book.

Good luck to you!

References Available on Amazon

Daring Greatly

Brené Brown influenced how I saw myself. I learned my vulnerability was also courage.

In the Meantime

Loretta shared this book with me. It's about lifting yourself up and cleaning "house" in your soul.

The Pilgrimage

One of many amazing books by Paola Cuehlo, who also wrote The Alchemist. This book outlines a journey on the Camino de Santiago.

Jesus Calling

A daily devotion I used for ten years and it has sequels and workbooks that are amazing.

Men are from Mars,

Women are from Venus

Book about how the sexes can learn to respect and communicate.

The Complete Works of Florence Scovel Shin

Recommended by Loretta, this is a female author from the 1800s when girl power wasn't a thing.

Calling in "The One"

I read this book as well as took the video course through Mindvalley. Recommend both!

The Secret

This book changed my life and helped me find a way to forgive.

The Book of Joy

An inspirational book which follows a conversation about joy with two thought leaders, Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

The Five Love Languages

If you are in the dating world, or married, this is a great book to learn how you tick.

Outwitting the Devil

Recommended by Loretta and further illustrates the Law of Attraction.

The Science of Getting Rich

Recommended by Loretta. Older book that reaches Law of Attraction. Classic read.

The Untethered Soul

I listened to this on audible and it was healing. I learned how to feel the pain without shutting down my heart and soul.

The Power

One in a series on the Law of Attraction. Read this to find your power that already lives within.

Pilgrim Strong

Inspirational book about the Camino de Santiago. I read this before I left in 2018 and I quote him in my book.

How to Be Your

Own Best Friend

Recommended by Allison in the book. It was a life changing read for her.

Think and Grow Rich

Also recommended by Loretta as a life changing read.

On Grief and Grieving

I used this as a reference for the stages of grief. There are many books on this topic but this one is specific to losing a loved one to death.

Other Items Your Might Like

Other items mentioned in the book, or similar items. I'm looking for themes within the chapters so you can have keepsakes of what struck a chord with you. Hope you enjoy!

In Chapter 2, I received a bracelet just like this one from Carrie. I wanted you to have the opportunity to have one for yourself. You are enough!

I love the subtle nature. Only you know your bracelet says, "I am enough" but the arrows are on the outside reminding you that you are going places. Arrows are a big symbol of the Camino de Santiago.

I love this Tshirt. Faith's message from Chapter 2 is right here on a shirt. 

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 8.10.09 AM.png

Kelly made this playlist for all her readers. These are songs to uplift, dance in the kitchen, and just enjoy.

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