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The Momentum Effect

Where Wise Women Connect

Curated masterclass speakers join us each month, providing invaluable guidance on developing a new vision for your family legacy, maximizing your impact on the community, and defining your life purpose. Our collective wisdom and experience create a nurturing environment for personal and professional growth.

Female Presenter

Recognizing the potential in harnessing the power of a collective of women, the founders of Momentum Effect seek to provide a source of encouragement, validation, strength and solidarity while you are in the program. But it does NOT stop there.


The collective of women in your Momentum circle will be your tribe, your safe haven and your buoy of support. Once you go through the journey provided by The Momentum Effect, you qualify to apply to be a masterclass teacher. Become a part of a life-giving, edifying cycle that instills legacy where you provide momentum for other women. 

Benefits and Takeaways

  • 6 Masterclasses with industry experts

  • 6 Masterminds with your personal circle

  • 6 Hours One on One Coaching with Kelly Collins

  • 3 Day Retreat in Newport, RI including lodging and meals

  • Course Workbook + Masterclass Materials + Journal

  • Lifetime Access to Momentum Online Course Materials

  • The Swipe Right Effect Book + Workbook

  • Dirty Little Secrets Book + Workbook

  • Visioning Toolkit + Dare 2 Declare Magazine

  • Mentoring Course

  • Lifetime Access to 10 Ways to Get Unstuck Online Course

  • Lifetime Access to The Swipe Right Effect Online Course

  • Yoga, meditation and breathwork practice instruction

  • Mindfulness instruction and toolkit

  • Pre-qualified for the Momentum Leadership Academy

  • Qualified for application to Masterclass Team Roster

Speaking at Seminar

Will you be our next leader?

The vision for Momentum Effect is to provide a platform where women can dig deep and find meaning in their lives. While you do this work, you are surrounded and supported with a network of other women leaders who help facilitate your next steps. 


Once you have reached this goal, if you feel called, you qualify to be considered for mentorship in the Momentum program  and can apply to become a Masterclass speaker, sharing your journey and the inner work that drove your success!


Is there an extraordinary, masterclass-level woman that you’d like to nominate to join the roster of superior masterclass leaders who have a vision to lift up other women with their knowledge?

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