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Season 1 Episode 20 - Susan Jane

Unveiling the Power of Intuition with Susan Jane: A Journey into Flower Readings and More


Welcome to the Swipe Right Effect podcast, where hosts CK Collins (AKA Kelly) and her guests unlock the power of getting unstuck by swiping right on themselves. In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of intuition with Susan Jane, all the way from Australia. Susan's mission has been to help people harness the power of intuition to make confident decisions and align with their true selves. She shares her insights, experiences, and unique flower readings that can transform your relationship with intuition.

The Marvel of Manifestation and Intuition:

At the start of the podcast, Susan and Kelly dive into the intriguing realm of manifestation and intuition. Susan's journey into manifestation began with a visualization experiment on her old farmhouse. She vividly imagined the changes she wanted to make and felt the emotions tied to those changes. Remarkably, her manifestation experiment succeeded, showing the incredible power of visualization and intuition.

Susan emphasizes that manifestation is a form of visualization where you see and feel your desires coming to life. Her story of rebuilding her farmhouse underscores how powerful this practice can be when you trust your intuition and act on it. The experience of manifesting her dream home also taught her the importance of following your gut.

The Spiritual Being vs. the Physical Human:

Susan introduces the concept of the spiritual being versus the physical human, which plays a pivotal role in understanding intuition. She shares her profound experiences of leaving her body during a near-death experience and a traumatic event. These incidents led her to question the relationship between the spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves.

Susan believes that our life purpose is tied to our spiritual side. While our spirit knows everything, it must enter the physical body to gain a deep understanding of sensations, emotions, and experiences. The physical body is like a vehicle, and intuition serves as the communication bridge between these two realms. Susan aptly compares this connection to modern cars that can be driven both manually and autonomously, where our spirit is the driver navigating our life journey.

Unraveling Flower Readings: A Unique Tool for Intuition:

One of the most intriguing aspects of Susan's work is her use of flower readings as a tool to develop intuition. Flower readings, like card readings or pendulum work, help individuals access their intuitive messages. Susan believes that every image of a flower contains over 16 elements that connect with your intuition and reveal messages.

Each element of the flower image corresponds to different aspects of your intuition, such as the stem representing your path or journey, the leaves symbolizing your guides, and the petals signifying attraction. Susan stresses that the flower you choose resonates with your intuition, making it a deeply personal experience. It's your intuition, not hers, that guides you to the perfect flower image.

How to Choose Your Flower Image:

To find your flower image, Susan recommends connecting with the feeling of your goal or desire. Ask yourself how success feels and what it looks like. Once you have a clear feeling, you can search for flower images that match that feeling. Trust your intuition to guide you to the image that resonates the most with your goal.

Susan shares a heartwarming personal story of how she chose her flower image, which involved deep emotions and a connection to her own intuitive journey. She encourages everyone to connect with their feelings and choose a flower image that represents their goals.

A Special Offer from Susan:

As a special treat for readers and listeners, Susan offers to perform a flower reading for you based on your business goal. Simply find a flower image that represents your goal, and Susan will provide a video reading that offers insights into your marketing strategy. This personalized reading, guided by your intuition, could be the key to unlocking your business's full potential.


The conversation with Susan Jane in this Swipe Right Effect podcast episode takes us on a remarkable journey into the realm of intuition and manifestation. Susan's insights into the power of visualization, the connection between the spiritual and physical self, and the unique tool of flower readings offer valuable guidance for anyone seeking to harness their intuition. So, embrace the power of intuition, trust your gut, and let your goals bloom like the flowers you choose.

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