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This poem made me think of you!

I saw this poem by Nicholas John and it made me think of you.

I believe when we feel something is missing, it is our soul telling us we have more to offer, more to do and more to give. There isn't something to fix, there is something to discern. 

I talk about this in every masterclass, every speaking gig and in every 1:1 coaching session. It's important.

So when I read this poem, it gave me chills. I had not thought of us who might be ignoring our souls as running from ourselves. Yes, we may not be listening to our souls - but running? Hmmmm. 

I love how this made me sit up straight and stretch my mind a bit. I hope it touches your heart like it did mine.

When you stop the running, and you face your soul.

It gets hard as hell. It’s a winding road.

But it’s in that time that you find your life.

You can run forever or you can find your light.

Because life gets clear when we face our choices.

Were they made by us or some outside voices.

You were made for something and only you can see it.

So stop the running and go and be it.

I'd love to talk to you about this! Are you ready to talk about the running and how to stop? Are you ready to find your light?

This is what I do. It's my passion. And this work is what I found when I stopped running. I'm so glad I did.

P.S. I posted the poem on Facebook so others could also share.

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