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The Momentum Effect - Mid-life Renewal for Women

Feel supported by
like-minded women.

Dedicated time to focus on yourself.

Understand what your soul needs.

Feel excited about every single day.

How close are you to burnout?

Have a negative story playing in your head?

​I speak with far too many women who have reached mid-life just to be disappointed in where they are.

  • Are you too busy saying yes to everyone else and not taking care of yourself?.

  • Are stress and anxiety wreaking havoc on your system?

  • Are you suffering in silence with a lack of purpose?

  • Do you believe you are meant to be doing something more?

It doesn't have to be this way!


Lost your sense of self?

Hi, I'm Kelly and I get it. I went through several years of a tough mid-life transition. But now I wake up every day feeling excited, fulfilled and joyful!
YOU can too! 

Is this what you want for your life?


Live life connected to your purpose.


Live life feeling seen, heard & understood.


Live life intentionally and fully.


Live life energized and inspired.


The Good News

Could it be that feeling that something is missing is your soul, mind and body aligning with a very special message for you?


  • You should not ignore this feeling but embrace it. Your happiness is sacred and you must treat it as so.

  • Those feelings could mean you are ready for something new, something more. You just need time to think and time to feel and my program provides that for you.

  • You deserve to feel excited about life EVERY day. Together, we will find the momentum to propel your life back into happiness, joy and fulfillment.


Let's take time to discuss what is happening in your life and see if I can help.

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Free Bonus

Better self care is just 3 minutes away!

Self Care Scorecard: How is your self care game?

Questions for Women in Mid-life

What is the cost of doing nothing?


When you are sad or feeling discontent, your relationships with your partner, children, friends and family can suffer. Showing up in your relationships with a happy heart and fulfilled soul is a gift to those around you. True connection comes when you are open and vulnerable with those you care about which leads to mutual support and shared experiences that build deep trust.


Gliding through your days with no clear purpose leads to discontent and lack of energy. Knowing your purpose will energize you because you are driven to accomplish something that matters. The contentment and gratification that comes with knowing and fulfilling your purpose is unmatched. You deserve to be all you can be.


Your unhappiness has a great cost to those around you because it is impossible to be joyful in the presence of sadness or unhappiness. Conversely, joy is a state of being and peace comes along for the ride. Joy is free and available to you because it is inherent in human nature. Do you want to give your loved ones joy? Then you must invest in yourself so you can.

You are unique

Every woman deserves a plan curated just for her needs.

I work with people who are seeking more from their lives, more happiness, more joy, more fun, more creativity, more meaning and more purpose.


Claim Your FREE Breakthrough Session Now and discover what might be holding you back, and what's next!

It all starts with a call.

Happy Clients

"The connections I’ve made with these women - these strong, courageous, powerful women - all looking at what’s next - all wanting to make the world a better place - has just been transformational.
Figure out a way to do it. Give yourself the gift of time, of friendship, of connection. It can change your life in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. We’ve got some momentum going. We really do."

Tari Hughes, Momentum Effect Founding Circle


It’s unbelievable the change in these women as they see they are:

  • Deserving to have what they want 

  • Discerning what that actually is and 

  • Discovering how to get there.


Meet Kelly

I am Kelly, a mid-life renewal coach, here to guide you through all stages of life. Together we work to regain momentum in your life, pushing through life's changes and challenges.

I had my challenges after the end of my 31 year marriage and sale of my company leaving me feeling like a victim. I'm grateful I worked my way back to a life of fulfillment and joy. My passion and purpose is to work with women who are facing their own challenges.

Book a free, no-obligation call with Kelly and see if working together could be a fit for you. You deserve a coach who has been where you are now and knows the path to happiness.

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Author.   Publisher.   Speaker.   Podcaster.   

World Traveler.   Coach.   Retreat Leader.

Also available on Amazon: Hardcover, eBook and Paperback Versions available
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Mary Caren, TN

"You will not be the same person after reading this book that you are now. You are about to meet your new best friend, Kelly! And she is going to introduce you to some amazing women. Strong, Soft and Smart women who will never leave you. Your story and their stories will weave in and out of each other until wisdom, mercy, self-acceptance and gratitude are more real to you than ever before."
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