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Newport Spotlight Interview with C.K. Collins Part 1

Josh Hoffman with JBMB Properties in Newport, RI reached out and wanted to do a spotlight interview series on my new book, The Swipe Right Effect: The Power to Get Unstuck. I gratefully agreed and we had a lot of fun and some great conversation.

Part 1:

Josh Hoffman

Hi, I'm Josh Hoffman, I am the co-founder and CEO of JBMB properties. I am here with the lovely and talented CK Collins, who has quickly become a really good friend of mine since October in such a short short time here in Newport County. But one of the things that we want to do as an initiative within Newport County is really start to spotlight locals that are making any sort of change or effort in improving the community any sort of initiative to gather to collect to bring people, you know, into their atmosphere with positive auras and seek a concept the does that really, really well.

So I think that's why I've been so attracted to her energy. But she has recently just released The Swipe Right Effect, The Power to Get Unstuck. And it is an incredible and Newport written here in Newport published from that desk or table over there.

And so, we really want to dive into this and highlight it because this is a very impactful book. Evenfor myself, it's caused me to think about certain things that I normally would not have within my life, and also acknowledging some things that I was stuck in, preemptively, which I think was really, really cool.

But in talking about this and gathering, why don't you start by telling us a little bit about the book, the synopsis, the motivation behind it, and, you know, just anything you want from a snippet inside?

C.K. Collins

Okay. Well, thanks for having me.

The Swipe Right Effect is a basically a pay it forward book. And it was written in gratitude for all of the help that my friends gave me in teaching me to choose myself and to take care of myself after a divorce. And then they were wonderful to share their stories and of loss and grief and challenges.

And so there's 10 women's stories that are really told and shared to help others. Each chapter has a piece of advice about something that my friend shared with me and then I interview them and ask them to tell their stories.

And so I think at its really base level, the more I talk about the book, I realize it's about friendship. And it's about how my friends stepped up to help me when I was in a hard, hard, dark place. And how they helped me climb that mountain back to happiness and joy and gratitude.

I had traveled for a year and I kept thinking about all of the amazing things that my friends did for me. And that's so that made me write the book and yeah, I sat at that kitchen table and wrote it in three months and it just really I felt like it just came through me. And my friends were all so sweet to let me interview them because it was it was all very personal stories and and you're exposing a lot when you divulge information about your personal life.

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