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Newport Spotlight Interview with C.K. Collins Part 2

Josh Hoffman with JBMB Properties in Newport, RI reached out and wanted to do a spotlight interview series on my new book, The Swipe Right Effect: The Power to Get Unstuck. I gratefully agreed and we had a lot of fun and some great conversation.

Josh Hoffman

You did a good thing in providing aliases to them, which I think is a really witty way of doing this. And so when I read the book and then gave the review, I said it added a little lightness to the book. Otherwise, it does have the opportunity to feel a little down because it is there heavy topics in there. And so tell us about the aliases, I want you to discuss to the audience, like how you came up to this and how it impacted you. It was impacted by your background.

C.K. Collins

I live here in Middletown now. But I grew up in Nashville, and I raised my three children in Nashville, I have lived in a lot of different places in the United States. But for most of my life, I was in Nashville.

And so and I was never a huge country music fan. Because I mean, I grew up in the 70s and 80s. When you know, Michael Jackson thing so it's not your music in our house. Yeah, it just wasn't, it wasn't the type of music I listened to.

But as I got older, some artists came along that I really started enjoying country music. And then I started enjoying older country music. And so, it is it is a part of my life now, even though it wasn't growing up.

So I was letting everybody choose their alias for the book. And I didn't do it with the first two I forgot. And so the third person I interviewed, I said, What do you want your alias to be? And she said, Loretta, and I said, “Like Loretta Lynn?” and she said, “Well, yeah, you're from Nashville, you should appreciate that.”

I was like, Aha! I'm gonna give everybody a country music name. They were all women. So I googled it, of course, and got a long list of female country music stars and I sent that to them every time I interviewed somebody. I let them pick and nobody asked for the same name. It was great.

Oh, that's hilarious. And then the men that are in the story, just ended up getting assigned names, like Garth from Garth Brooks and Hank for Hank Williams. And, yeah, so it was it was it was fun.

And you're right, it was in an attempt to create some levity and what is you know, really some serious topics but and I tried to let in the humor and sweetness that I have in my friendships with these women. I tried to let that shine through as well.

So the readers could see the affection and love that we have for each other. And you know, I had to tease my friend Shania about her love of chocolate and she brought it up and I was said, “I knew you're gonna get chocolate in this interview.”

Josh Hoffman

You know, I definitely see that when you're reading the interviews because it is it is very much like it's being vocalized. It feels like a conversation and it doesn't feel like a script.

You can read that you guys are genuinely having a conversation. And you are going in and out of the serious topics and different themes or at different points in the in the experiences of these women. It felt like friends were sitting down for coffee, which was really, really nice. And so I kind of want to emulate that in doing this. Let's just have a conversation and just let it go right not be so formal.

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