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Newport Spotlight Series with C.K. Collins Part 7

Josh Hoffman with JBMB Properties in Newport, RI reached out and wanted to do a spotlight interview series on my new book, The Swipe Right Effect: The Power to Get Unstuck. I gratefully agreed and we had a lot of fun and some great conversation.

C.K. Collins

Things To Do you know, and I'm not going to tell them here so they have to read the book!

Josh Hoffman

I'm not gonna say another word. My lips are sealed.

It is one of my favorite chapters for sure because I am in a relationship and I am married and we're not heading towards divorce. It does talk about,

C.K. Collins

Yeah, how to maintain it.

Josh Hoffman 00:20

Maintain it. Right. And your writing, you said they chose to fight for it, and you can fight for it. Yeah, it works for you.

C.K. Collins

And I will say that the male readers tend to like that interview. And even divorced men like that interview. And I think the reason is, is because the interviewee (almost said her name.) The interviewee is just really level headed and she's super honest about how she had kind of lost her direction and lost her way in life.

I think there's been at a book club, I have my first book club last this past Tuesday, and there was one male there. And that was his favorite chapter. So it's really, there seems to be some patterns for me.

And I'm loving feedback, because I want to create a workshop out of all these empowerment practices. And I want people to gather and talk and have these kinds of conversations, because just talking about these things, lightens the load for anyone just having a friend just talking, you feel lighter, you things lift up, and your friends give you feedback. And you they can people can see things that you can't see about yourself. that's for darn sure.

Josh Hoffman

Ain’t that the truth. Yeah. And sometimes it's hard to accept it.

C.K. Collins

Yeah. Yeah. And I can't remember one! What I Don't Want to Hear is the chapter. And my friend said something to me that I did not like. And six months later, I'm like, “Oh, wow, there it is. Now I see.”

And so I had to tell that story. Because, I listened to her, I listened. I didn't like it. I didn't see it. I didn't see it in myself. And boy, did I see it. It just came right at me.

But I knew she was giving me that advice from a place of love. And so, I accepted it. And I just kind of stuck it in my pocket. And it finally came to me. And so I think that's how you know.

I hope I say that enough times in the book like, this may not hit you right now. But just reading it might help you later.

You know, and, and I think another thing, something really lovely that's been happening because because I talk about how it's a pay it forward book. Some people have paid me an advance for two or three books and said when you find somebody who needs it, just give them the book, I'm paying for them to have the book that is amazing.

And then I have a friend who's a minister, and she's given out ten to people in her church, who are in different types of need and they may have already been through the divorce, they may be about to get divorced, they may be single and feeling hopeless, so but her giving that book is just is one of the ultimate compliments.

Josh Hoffman

Ultimate. It's a testament. Yeah, no pun intended. So funny. It was a massive testament to what you've been able to accomplish with this book. And I that's absolutely fantastic. That's probably one of the better compliments you can receive is when somebody's like, you know what, I read this, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it helped me but I could see this helping others and the Pay It Forward. I mean, that's incredible.

C.K. Collins

Yeah, I know, I I tried to tell people that so if they they're buying a copy that they'll think I should pass this on. You know, and yes, I that's the only way that you know. I would rather those Amazon reviews and those people paying it forward be the way that this book grows, rather than me and my testimonalizing on social media, which I'm not comfortable with. But it's important because I wrote this to help people if I don't talk about it then I'm not out there doing it. And it's you know, it's making me uncomfortable, which means I'm growing.

Josh Hoffman

But it's a source of dialogue. Yeah, just from what I've seen so far. You know, last night was great and you and other people speak and, you know, the questions that they're asking and the internalization that's happening here.

C.K. Collins

I love hearing their stories.

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