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Season 1 Episode 10 - Miranda Marriott

Embracing the Power of Resilience and Intuition: A Conversation on Getting Unstuck


Welcome to the Swipe Right Effect Podcast, a space where we delve into the transformative power of swiping right on ourselves to break free from being stuck. In this episode, your host and author, CK Collins (a.k.a. Kelly), engages in a personal and insightful conversation with her guest, Miranda Marriott, hailing all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Miranda shares her journey of getting unstuck, imparting wisdom and guidance along the way. If you've been feeling stuck or are awaiting a fresh start in life, this episode is tailor-made for you. So, let's dive in and explore the transformative power of resilience and intuition.

Setting the Stage:

Kelly introduces Miranda, a coach with a remarkable story. Having known she wanted to be a coach since the age of 16, Miranda embarked on a journey that led her through psychology, human resources, and teaching before finding her true calling. The year 2016 marked a trifecta of change for Miranda, involving the birth of her baby boy, a divorce, and the beginning of her coaching career. With seven years of coaching experience, Miranda now focuses on empowering women's self-worth and abundance.

Navigating Life's Challenges:

Kelly and Miranda discuss the overwhelming challenges they faced during their respective transformative phases. Miranda recounts the shattering of her dreams and the feeling of falling into an abyss of uncertainty. Despite the chaos and despair, Miranda shares how she found the strength to rebuild her life while nurturing her newborn son. She emphasizes the importance of holding onto hope, citing Viktor Frankl's teachings on the significance of a vision for the future.

The Role of Resilience:

Resilience emerges as a crucial theme in their conversation. Kelly emphasizes the importance of quitting toxic relationships, jobs, or unhealthy behaviors to create space for a comeback. Miranda highlights the significance of letting go of the past and redirecting energy towards self-care and personal growth. She describes the transformative power of self-compassion and treating oneself with the same love and nurturing as one would bestow upon a child.

The Power of Intuition:

Kelly and Miranda also explore the topic of intuition, particularly its complexity and fragility after experiencing trauma or gaslighting. Miranda acknowledges the challenge of rebuilding trust in one's intuition and offers insights on how to navigate this process. She shares her perspective on intuition as a valuable guiding force and discusses ways to reconnect with and cultivate it.


The conversation between Kelly and Miranda exemplifies the resilience and strength required to overcome life's obstacles. By embracing hope, practicing self-care, and nurturing their intuition, they found their way out of stagnation and transformed their lives. The Swipe Right Effect Podcast continues to provide inspiration and practical wisdom for those seeking to get unstuck and create a new beginning.

Note: This blog post is a creative representation based on the given text and does not contain actual information or interviews from CK Collins or Miranda Marriott.

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