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Season 1 Episode 16 - Julie D'Ann


Welcome to the Swipe Right Effect podcast, where we explore the power of getting unstuck by swiping right on yourself. In this episode, we sit down with author and host CK Collins, also known as Kelly, as she delves into the world of meditation and mindfulness with her guest, Julie DeAnne. Together, they discuss the transformative benefits of meditation for children and adults, exploring how it can lead to better emotional regulation, improved academic performance, and enhanced overall well-being.

The Journey to Becoming an Illumination Guide:

Julie DeAnne is a certified life transformation coach and an illumination guide. She shares her unique journey of working with children and the process of applying meditation and breathwork practices to enhance their well-being. Her mission is to help individuals recognize the light within themselves and share it with the world. Julie explains that meditation is not only for adults but is just as beneficial for children.

The Impact of Meditation in Schools:

Julie reveals the inspiring story of a school that implemented meditation practices over a four-year period. The results were astounding, with a 70% decrease in suspensions, improved attendance, and better academic performance. By introducing meditation in schools, children develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the ability to make better decisions.

The Time Within - A Unique Approach:

Julie introduces the concept of the "time within," a practice that focuses on guiding children to find their inner light and purpose. This technique empowers children to recognize that they have the power to choose their thoughts and emotions. By using deep breathing and positive affirmations, children can shift their emotions and responses to challenging situations.

Making Meditation Fun for Kids and Adults:

Making meditation enjoyable is essential, especially for children. Julie and Kelly discuss various ways to make meditation fun, such as guided meditations with themes like the ocean or nature. For adults, finding meditations that resonate with their interests and preferences can also make the practice more engaging and enjoyable.

The Power to Choose:

Julie emphasizes the importance of recognizing our power to choose our thoughts and emotions. Whether faced with fear or excitement, understanding that we have control over how we label our feelings can empower us to make positive choices. By embracing emotional intelligence, individuals can navigate life's challenges with greater resilience and clarity.


Meditation and mindfulness have the power to transform lives, both for children and adults. By teaching children these invaluable practices, we equip them with tools to cope with emotions, make better decisions, and live fulfilling lives. The Swipe Right Effect podcast aims to spread this message, inspiring individuals to embrace their inner light and share it with the world. Remember, we are all capable of choosing our thoughts and emotions, and by doing so, we create a brighter, more harmonious future for ourselves and others.

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