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Season 1 Episode 5 - Kim Benoy


In this blog post, we dive into a captivating conversation between CK Collins and Kim Benoy, the host of the podcast "Midlife with Courage." They discuss Kim's journey and the inspiration behind her podcast, which aims to uplift and empower women in midlife. With a focus on storytelling, Kim shares how she encourages women to embrace their experiences, find their voice, and create a fulfilling life. Join us as we explore the power of storytelling and the lessons we can learn from these inspiring narratives.

Embracing Change and Finding Passion:

Kim, a seasoned podcaster from Wisconsin, shares her personal story of transitioning from a nursing career to becoming an entrepreneur in the essential oils industry. Through her experiences, she discovered the therapeutic properties of essential oils and found herself drawn to sharing stories of women who had overcome challenges and reinvented themselves in midlife. Kim's desire to make a positive impact and her passion for public speaking led her to create "Midlife with Courage."

The Impact of Storytelling:

Both CK and Kim emphasize the significance of storytelling in connecting with others and fostering personal growth. They highlight the power of stories to transcend geographical barriers and inspire listeners from all walks of life. By listening to diverse narratives, individuals can relate, find solace, and gain hope. Kim's podcast provides a platform for women to share their unique experiences and insights, empowering others to navigate their own journeys.

Lessons Learned and Uncovering Hidden Strengths:

As Kim reflects on her podcasting journey, she recalls remarkable stories that have left a lasting impact. One example is the account of a guest who had a near-death experience and shared her newfound appreciation for life. Another inspiring story involved a woman who didn't fully recognize her achievements until Kim highlighted them during their conversation. These tales serve as reminders that we should celebrate our accomplishments and embrace our personal growth.

Supporting Women in Midlife:

Kim's mission through "Midlife with Courage" is to create a supportive community for midlife women, especially those experiencing the empty nest syndrome. She acknowledges the challenges faced by mothers when their children leave home, highlighting the importance of self-identity and self-love during this transitional phase. By sharing stories and offering practical advice, Kim strives to help women in midlife embrace their newfound freedom and redefine their purpose.

Looking Ahead:

As the conversation draws to a close, CK and Kim discuss the lessons they would like to impart to their own daughters as they approach midlife. They emphasize the significance of cherishing personal accomplishments and the importance of gratitude for health, employment, and relationships. By sharing wisdom gained through experience, both podcasters aim to equip their daughters and future generations with the tools to navigate the challenges and joys of midlife.


"Midlife with Courage" is not just a podcast; it's a movement that empowers women to embrace their stories, find their voices, and support one another. Kim Benoy's dedication to creating a platform for midlife women to share their experiences is inspiring. Through the power of storytelling, she invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys, celebrate their achievements, and find the courage to embark on new chapters. As we navigate the ups and downs of midlife, let us embrace the stories that inspire us and create a community where women can thrive and support one another.

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