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Season 1 Episode 8 - Cristina Ramirez


Hey there! Welcome back to the Swipe Right Effect, the Power to Get Unstuck. I'm CK Collins, aka Kelly, and today we have a special guest, Christina Ramirez. Let me tell you a bit about her and then we'll hear directly from her. Christina is a serial entrepreneur known for bringing her empowerment curricula to diverse audiences, from children to corporations. Her programs have made a positive impact in 40 states, reaching over 10,000 individuals, including children and corporate executives. With experience in Wall Street and Silicon Valley, Christina excels at challenging limitations and uncovering possibilities. Today, we'll delve into her bestselling book, "Empowered by Discomfort," and explore how discomfort can be a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment.

Embracing Discomfort:

In a world where social media often showcases perfection, Christina believes that discomfort is an essential part of life. She reminds us that challenges are inevitable and should not be feared or seen as indicators of failure. Instead, discomfort serves as a guide, pointing us towards areas in our lives that require growth. By embracing discomfort, we gain the power to navigate life's obstacles and move towards our next level of personal development.

The 20% Power Principle:

Christina introduces the concept of the 20% power principle of discomfort. While not a scientifically precise number, it represents a significant portion of our lives where things may not be going as planned. By acknowledging and addressing this 20%, we expand our capacity for growth and create a more fulfilling life. As we progress, our challenges may increase, but so does the richness and expansiveness of our experiences.

Facing Tragedy and Harnessing Discomfort:

Christina, who herself is a widowed single mom to two teenage boys, understands the magnitude of life's tragedies. She shares how, during times of immense discomfort, it may feel like the challenge exceeds the 20% mark, often reaching 150% or more. However, as time passes and we gain perspective, we realize that these difficulties are part of a larger tapestry. Although it may be challenging to grasp in the midst of a crisis, recognizing the wider context allows us to work through the pain and find strength in the face of adversity.

Unleashing Your Superpowers:

Christina's book emphasizes the importance of recognizing and utilizing our superpowers, which consist of thoughts, words, beliefs, actions, and results. Our thoughts determine our mindset and shape our perception of ourselves and the world. By choosing empowering thoughts, we gain control over our lives. The words we use to describe ourselves and our situations have the power to shape our reality and impact others. Conscious and positive word choices can transform our relationships and experiences.

Beliefs act as gatekeepers, either limiting or empowering us. Becoming aware of our beliefs and challenging those that hold us back can propel us forward. Actions are the bridge between our internal world and the external reality we navigate. We possess more agency over our actions than we often realize, enabling us to create meaningful change. Finally, the results we achieve reinforce our thoughts and beliefs, completing the cycle of empowerment.

The Role of Vulnerability and Courage:

Vulnerability and courage are integral components at each stage of unleashing our superpowers. Recognizing the importance of vulnerability in embracing discomfort and courageously taking action allows us to cultivate growth and face challenges head-on. Vulnerability enables us to share our authentic selves and connect deeply with others, while courage empowers us to step into the unknown and expand our comfort zones.

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