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So I did this crazy thing....

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Excerpt from The Swipe Right Effect...

In January 2021, I went to meet with my brother, who is my financial advisor, and we worked through several scenarios. One was the downsizing of my house and buying a second home, a beach condo. Another scenario was completely different and as scary as it sounded, it made my heart sing to think of it.

The big what if. What if I sold my house, gave away everything and traveled for one or two years? What if I completely freed myself of the baggage of my marriage; the furniture, the pots and pans, the photo albums, the lamps, the rugs, the dishes? Everything had memories.

What if I was completely free to go wherever I wanted and see whatever I could see? Who knows what I may find out about myself? Who knows who I might meet along the way?

Because of my bonus for having stayed three years with the corporation, I had some money set aside for such a dream. By February of 2021, I made the decision to follow through with this plan.

Maybe, just maybe, I would find a way back to a fulfilled and happy soul.

I sold my house in May

2021 and downsized into a one-bedroom apartment on an 8-month lease through December. I gave notice to my employer over the summer and I retired from that industry on Oct. 8.

I began my year of adventure.

And that adventure has led me to writing this book. The writing part came very naturally and the interviews were inspiring and heartfelt.

I have to thank my daughters for their support. I'm writing and talking about hard things in this book and it wasn't any easier for them to read it than it was for me to write it. But healing comes through doing the hard things. I'm glad we did this together.

And to the ten ladies who allowed us all into their lives by sharing their stories - I'd admire you all more than I can say. I owe you a debt of gratitude for first helping me heal and then helping me help others. You are all so special and you know who you are!

To my friends and family, I love you and I'm so grateful to have your support. It's a great way to live life - in gratitude.

Many, thanks to KH for all her support in editing the book. She spent countless hours reading this, advising and praising. Her praise kept me going through some hard moments.

And lastly, thanks also go to AH, my former news editor, who jumped in at the last minute and read through our final copy. Thanks for finding all the extra spaces and the need for commas.

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